SOS from Triangle Service

Postscripts, January in 2009,

The message below is conserved in the original in order for us to remember our original intention.

I always find it poor form when a creator speaks out in media like magazines or somewhere, or at a place like this here.
I often think this.
The quality of his work should be told by his hand, not his mouth.
But my predicament doesn't allow for such ideals.
It's a shame. And I know I'm being silly.

Arcade video game "TRIZEAL"
It's fairly obvious to anybody going to amusement arcades,
that TRIZEAL has not been selling well.
Terribly, in fact!

Was the timing bad?
Is it too expensive?
Various reasons come to mind, but...
It's Triangle Service's fault because we weren't able to create a product which would sell well even in adverse conditions.

Like "Nemo"
"... Help me ! "

Let's start a little earlier...

XIISTAG, originally, was supposed to be produced by a company I worked for.
However, I couldn't find the expenses or secure the space for it.
And they had not paid me my salary for several months.
I was living from hand to mouth.
This is where I was at that time.
I really wanted to complete XIISTAG,
moreover, I had some "samurais" who felt the same way.

I was worried.
I thought and thought.
And I asked myself.

"If I miss this chance, will I ever be able to produce a shooting game for business use again..."

"What should I do?"

I guessed I would face lots of troubles and difficulties;
But I decided to shoulder the burden.
I had made up my mind.
And I ran into debt.

As a result though, XIISTAG came into the world.

Since Triangle Service was founded, we have been producing without any financial assistance at all.
So if sales are bad, we feel the pain.
A bull is following me!
It's in SPAIN.

If TRIZEAL for Dreamcast doesn't sell well, we won't be able to produce the next one.
Frankly, I'm not sure if TRIZEAL for DC will even be displayed in game shops.
Dreamcast in this day and age?! And a shooter at that?!
No sane shopkeeper would even consider it!
But I'll tell you why we don't just put it up as a net-only release.
I want TRIZEAL displayed in shops.
A shopper takes one in his hand, takes a look at the package, thinks for a while, and then takes it to the check-out counter.
I really want to provide scenes like this.

We would appriciate it if you pre-order TRIZEAL. This is a sure way to get one.
Pre-order in game shops or on-line, either is fine.

I'll apologize if it's a little expensive.
But we'll more than make up for it in "service."
That's why we are called Triangle Service.
"Shooting love." is not a bluff.

After XIISTAG, we had intended to produce a 3-D shooter.
There weren't any shooters I want to play!
So let's make one! X68000 spirit!

This is the first time I'd tried to produce a 3-D game.
I'd been privately studying and learning the technology required, but there was a blank of a few years.
Press Punch rapidly for Electricity!

I upgraded LightWave. It was a kind of culture shock,
but far better than before,
so I upgraded all of my software development kits.
To be honest, I had only previously used LightWave from NET YAROZE, and that was something else altogether.
While this was going on, I also restudied polygon drawings.
The latest PCs work so fast. Amazing!
Hayate No You Ni Xabungle!
I made PCs software-render texture-mapped polygons pixel by pixel in real time and still be fast enough to play!

Having studied polygon drawings, I put together XIISTAG for Windows.
It's entirely software rendered. The abilities of the latest PCs are simply jaw dropping!

As a kind of bonus for guys who pre-ordered TRIZEAL for DC, we're making this available!
It's our "service"!
That's why we are called Triangle Service!

Make way for Triangle Works!
Here you can play one whole stage of "XIISTAG LIMITED"

It was my first time to play XIISTAG in a long time.
It needed a lot of attention...

But it's a nice game!

I think XIISTAG reflects what its producer means.
Pictures shouting!
Music shouting!
Everything shouting out loud!

"XIISTAG" appearing in TRIZEAL shouting as well!
Like a beast!
A fantastic reinforcement!

A shooting game is a kind of `enka.`
An inseparable part of the Japanese soul.
The gamers' soul.
Everybody knows how wonderful it is.
It doesn't matter whether it's a shooter or not.
The problem is that you can't find a single game that can touch you.
The genre doesn't matter as long as the game is good.
Singers keep on singing.
Creators keep on creating.

If you have never played XIISTAG before,
then experience its world first hand.

I'll shout!

To get me excited, I played a CD.
I set "Power in the World" from an album of The Elephant Kashimashi's "TOBIRA" on repeat.

In the 2 years it took from XIISTAG to the release of TRIZEAL,
we have been involved in other projects too.

We wished there would be a game like this.

One we've been working on is called "Project LAMBDA."

It was going to be successful.
When we tried to develop the control panels and the cabinet-figured arcade machines for "Project LAMBDA,"
we found it impossible; The capacity of Triangle alone is not enough!
Not enough manpower or money.
For now, this project has been frozen.

But even with just the movie, you can still enjoy the DREAM.

It's our "service"!
That's why we are called Triangle Service!
Here is the movie.
Triangle Works "Project LAMBDA"
lambda.mpg 9.68MByte

I've heard the rumors of PS3, XBOX2 and Revolution amongst others.
So I thought it could be one choice to restart this project as a video game for consumer use.

Will anything happen after releasing the movie?

It's better to do something than do nothing.
It's more enjoyable too!

It may be reckless,
but we're plowing on forward.

"Shooting Love." is not just a bluff at all.

But you can't always do what you want to by desire alone.
If you want to enjoy the same DREAM,
then please pre-order TRIZEAL for DC!